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I Love Lola has proudly influenced catwalks, celebrities & fashion for the past 30 years

I Love Lola was a dream that became a brand, a brand that became a business and a business that remains a passion. I Love Lola was created by Lola and Franco. Both spent many years perfecting their fashion skills with Joseph, Valentino and Giorgio Armani before they turned I Love Lola into a reality. Boutiques have been opened in London’s best locations with a loyal clientele.


What is I Love Lola? Who better to explain than Lola herself, “Franco and I have always believed that the beauty of our dresses is as much about they make a woman feel as how they make her look. Our designs are striking, bold, feminine and confident and that’s just how we want her to feel when she is wearing an I Love Lola outfit.”

And what dresses! Beautiful fabrics, limited edition striking prints, exquisite detailing and craftsmanship. At rest they hang with a classic, languid elegance. Then when she moves it’s like switching on a waterfall – they cascade and flow and caress in wave after wave of endless fabric. Franco says it best.


“I love movement. Our creations must always look beautiful but when they move they must look incredible and they must make a woman feel incredible. You can only create the look and the feeling I want with amazing fabrics and lots and lots of it in each of our dresses.”

So who wears I Love Lola? Let Lola explain. We’re for confident, feminine women. We never think about ourselves as being for a certain body shape or a certain age. How ridiculous to think of women in such a way! We have a strong style point of view and an attitude and so do the women who we dress.”

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“I’ve known Lola and Franco for more than ten years, and it’s always a pleasure and inspiration to see them and their designs. They have an uncanny ability to know exactly what I’m looking for even before I do, which is why I have always worn their clothes with so much pleasure. I look forward to working with them on all their projects in the future!”

Alina Ibragimova, Violionist, London

“Lola and Franco’s eponymous label blends bold and original prints with classic designs and vintage accessories. Their exacting standards, bespoke creations and individual client focus have inspired a loyal following amongst clientele who value the originality, quality and detail of the ilovelola brand. I would highly recommend Lola and Franco’s creative direction to fashion start-ups, luxury brands, and independent boutiques”.

Fiona Hammond, Group Legal Director & Company Secretary at iris Nation Worldwide Ltd, London

“Truly fantastic, honest and trustworthy brand to deal with. If you want someone who really knows what they are doing, then look no further than’ I Love Lola London’ . This incredible duo will have the perfect dress for you an individually tailor to suit your needs.

I have consulted ‘I Love Lola London’ on multiple occasions over the past 4 years for advice on appropriate fashion wear for many events. Their flawless one off designs combined with Lola and Franco’s endless knowledge in the industry put them head and shoulders above the rest.

It is a rarity to find such wonderful selection of items and one-off-designs coupled with such high end experience. Their passion, energy, experience and knowledge work magically with their collection of stunning dress. They will help you find the perfect dress to suit your figure, making you brim with confidence like never before.”

Karen Habershon D.C MChiro CCEP, Chiropractor, London, Your Content Goes Here

“I love Lola is a label I have been wearing for a decade. Lola and Francesco are exceptional designers who know how to create elegant and timeless style with a wow factor. In their designs I never fail to have the wow factor! To choose them to style you is to go on an adventure to reveal your star qualities for everyday of your life not just for those once in lifetime events!”

Shachi Shah, Investment Professional, New York, Your Content Goes Here

“It’s been more than ten years since I found Lola’s shop on Kensington Church Street. I totally fell in love with Lola’s dresses and I wear her dresses mostly always for the shows.
Her dresses have a style with elegance, and I just cannot stop loving and wearing it because I know I’d look good in it.”


Yuka Matsumoto, Violinist, Tokyo 松本裕香(ヴァイオリニスト), Your Content Goes Here

“If you’re looking for a unique look that makes you feel beautiful, confident and relaxed, then I Love Lola is the place for you. And you’ll also learn how to best accessories and carry off your outfit. High quality clothing at affordable pricing with excellent customer service.”

Mona Khairallah, Communications, Media and Technology Global Marketing – Accenture, London, Your Content Goes Here

“I Love Lola have consistently designed and created a beautiful collection of dresses using sumptuous materials. Franco and Lola have a very keen eye for styling and have made wonderful recommendations for designs and how to wear those designs for each individual. I throughly recommend the I Love Lola brand and the resulting expertise which Lola and Franco bring to the fore.”

Alpa Shah, Senior structured Finance & Business Strategy Professional, London, Your Content Goes Here

“I Love Lola has beautiful clothing which are very unique and can’t find anywhere else.”

Margaret OHare, Consultant, Philadephia, Your Content Goes Here

“I bought my first “I love Lola” for my 21st birthday party. Ten years on, my love affair with the brand and its’ creator, Lola and Franco, has only grown stronger. Despite moving to Singapore in 2012, I visit them once a year, to replenish my wardrobe with their inimitable designs, get pampered and have a soulful chat with Lola.

I love Lola” are beautiful, one of a kind, extremely flattering and high quality dresses for your most special occasions. Garden parties, boat parties, engagement drinks, galas, weddings or a stylish girly lunch… there is a beautiful “I love Lola dress” for all these occasions and more! And more importantly still, Lola and Franco are there to guide you, advise you, pamper you, and to help you find that dress that will make you feel like a million dollars.
I’m only sorry I cannot add pictures to this recommendation… I would love to show you the backless, 7 metre of silk full length summer creation I wore for my 29th birthday, or the tight, lace-back little black number that I wore to a James Bond Party and got my now bf’s attention. And of course that very special first dress for my 21st…that is still bang on trend 10 years later.

Every wardrobe needs an “I Love Lola” dress – I need a new wardrobe to fit them all. ” 🙂

Chloe Desbarres, Modern Language Teacher at Inlingua, Singapore, Your Content Goes Here


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